What’s Next?


Valued citizens,

We want to involve you in the decisions we make here in Cortex City. Our city council and content providers are coming up with great ideas all the time, and usually we end up with more ideas than bandwidth — leading to a choice of direction or a choice of ordering. So we think it’s great if you can help us decide.

Now, let’s get voting. On our previous vote the winner was “support for podcasts and videos”, resulting in a new stream of media coming in. Now we have a new vote. What’s most important to you?

Hurry up and make your voice heard! The election closes at April 17.

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There are other easy ways citizens (you’ll need to register to become one) can contribute to the progress and future direction of Cortex City:

1) Comment on everything you have an opinion about — get discussions going! Why not start on this page and leave a request for an article, a feature, or something else!

2) Rate articles so we know what you like most.

3) Write for us. We love contributions from our citizens.

As a bonus item where you can contribute and immediately get something in return — how about being featured as a citizen? All you need to do is to provide a portrait of yourself, a short description about who you are and what you expect from spending time in Cortex City, and a willingness to accept that the person who edits those introductory texts have a tendency to have a little fun with your story. Get in touch with the Mayor if you’re interested.

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