Cortex City is proud to present a set of solutions in close collaboration with one of our sponsors, Sweden-based software and consultancy house Aloi Tech. They have chosen to offer their services exclusively here in Cortex City, and in return we give them plenty of air time. The solutions are always best-of-breed combinations of technologies and services.


Business Booster


Optimize your online presence with our free Business Booster analysis. Implement our best practices yourself, or let us do it for you.

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Cortex Citizen


Become a citizen in all ways that matter. Your own Cortex City email address, your own house (decorated as you see fit), 24/7 access to the city services, offers on great deals and of course the Cortex City App when it’s published.

Oh, did we mention it’s free? Apply now, and be part of our monthly lottery — unfortunately we can’t give this great gift to everyone who wants it.

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Dragon’s Den


Have a great idea for a line of business application, a service, or a product — but lack the time and skills to build it? We can help! Our teams claim that there is nothing they cannot build. That goes for both software and hardware, or combinations thereof.

This service is usually not for free, but we can be quite creative in how we charge for our work. Please respect that we only accept work that we are passionate about; that’s the magic that lets us build the world’s best software in record time.

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