Q: Who is in charge of Cortex City?
A: The Mayor, the city council, and of course all our citizens.

Q: How do you finance Cortex City, it must cost a fortune to provide all of this great content?
A: We started out with advertisements to finance the operations, but decided that it distracted our users. We also have some affiliations where we can offer citizens discounted products and services (which also generates revenue for the city). Most importantly, we provide very expensive consulting, mentoring, training, and speaking gigs.

Q: I’ve lost my password. What now?
A: We can help you. Click this link.

Q: I don’t get it. What is Cortex City, exactly?
A: There is no absolute answer to this question. Cortex City is a community for people who care about improving themselves, contributing more at work, or accelerating their careers. It’s also for those who want to share their knowledge, experience, and ideas, with others. Our products and services evolve from our citizens’ ideas and needs, which is the basic idea of our hybrid network.


Q: How do people end up in the city council?
A: By special invitation and sometimes by nagging.

Q: How many citizens are there in Cortex City right now?
A: The current population is 454.

Q: How do I change my avatar?
A: Go to your profile page. Scroll down to the section called “Avatar”. Select “Browse”, find a great picture, and select “Upload”. If you like the result, select “Update profile”. That’s it! Also note that Cortex City will use your gravatar, if you have one. Or, you can do it right here if you’re logged in.

Q: What is the maximum size of the city?
A: Because the core of Cortex City is merely a thought, it is infinitely scalable.

Q: I still don’t understand what Cortex City does for its citizens. Can you give some examples?
A: Sure. There’s a man called John. He is a citizen of Cortex because he wants to read about and discuss how to get a better job. He reads articles, asks in the forum about writing a great CV, and ends up connecting with a woman who offers to be his mentor. After two months, he lands a job he could only dream of before. There’s a woman called Mary Jane. She thinks that people where she works are complaining about meetings, lack of direction, bad work atmosphere, and more — and she wants to do something about that. She goes to the Library in Cortex City to find best practices for how to engage colleagues, hold good meetings, and also writes about her own experiences in a blog that’s posted in the city. There’s a company called Aloi Tech. They are sponsoring Cortex City in order to get visibility with the community for their products, and offer citizens a special discount because they share the values that things and people can always be incrementally improved. For more examples — ask someone on the forums, on the city council, or anyone you meet on the streets of Cortex City!

Q: Ok, everything makes sense. Where do I register as a citizen?
A: Follow this link and sign up for a free citizenship.

Q: Do you have an awesome newsletter I can sign up for?
A: Of course we do. Usually we send out important updates once per week.

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