Cortex City

Cortex City is a unique hybrid network. It draws strength from the other types of online networks for people and businesses, connecting them in a new way and focusing on the community dimension. You’ll hear several of our citizens talk about the city as “like a casual LinkedIn, with content and not just connections”. You’ll also see blogging, and other content, connecting it to Blogger,, and so forth. You’ll find chat functions and personal updates, so we’re in some ways similar to Facebook and Twitter. Soon we’ll add stores, auctions, and trading to the city, which connects us to Craigslist,, and eBay.


So, what does that mean for Cortex City in practical terms? Well, it means that we have a lot of work to do…because if you translate what we aim to achieve into actionable items, you’ll get to our conceptual model that looks like this:


Intimidating? We think not! What a great adventure we have ahead of us. We will need to recruit more content providers, marketers, developers, and other special competences, to make the Cortex City vision come alive.

If you have questions or want to volunteer for one of our builder teams, feel free to contact The Mayor and talk about it.

Investors, partners, bloggers, store owners, and affiliates are more than welcome to contact the The Mayor for more information about our currency, land lots, and other opportunities.

Visit our Library to find out more or go to our Blog for some fresh and unique perspectives on the world.

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