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The topics for my next book are lining up nicely. What originally looked like “just” a leadership book is transforming into something I didn’t dare to embark on before – a journey for those willing to trust one who’s walked the streets of the corporate world and now foolishly believes he knows the way. The way to where? I have no idea; that’s your job to figure out. How to get there is what I’ll talk about.

The book is a metaphorical odyssey that takes us through a wonderful business scenery in epic chapters like “Pow wow”, “The Art of War“, Doppelganger, “The Beetle, the Bird, and the Boot“, “Two Deadly Sins“, “Bonsai Blues”, “Leap of Faith“,  “Don’t Burn the Witch“, and thirty-seven more. We get to join the adventures of a young woman1 fortunate enough to meet fantastic people that are smart, experienced, successful, and truly love going to work. She also meets others who are uninterested, lazy, disillusioned, or about to burn out. All of them have one thing in common. They are Corporate Citizens, and that makes them our neighbors.

Packed with real-world and sometimes-true stories of how positive and negative people are both proven to be right in the end, you’ll find it hard to stop reading before you fall asleep…and vice versa.

The Reason

I don’t write this book to make a pile of money from royalties, speaking gigs, or auxiliary services. (Those are just positive side effects.) We all have untapped potential to do more important things at work, and do them better. And by improving incrementally and continuously, there’s virtually no limit to what we can accomplish. While each small change is not explosive in isolation, the combination is. The required catalyst is someone who takes a step back and creates a perspective that forces you to decide on that next step. That’s why I’m writing2.

The reason for talking about Corporate Citizen before it’s written is in hope for good company on the road3. Although I still swear by the magic of a Real Book – paper, hardcover and all – I will also post selected parts on forums like this in the hope you’ll provide feedback, cheer me on, and ultimately buy the book and go change the world.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Or man if you prefer. There’ll be two versions, identical except for the gender of the main characters. It might be somewhat important for associative purposes.
  2. I’ll admit that the seemingly altruistic rationale is actually distilled from pure selfishness – however, the infallible logic behind that relies on chaos theory, which unfortunately I am not all too familiar with.
  3. Also, it’s like telling people you’ve quit smoking. Once you’ve said it people tend to pester you about it, which improves your chances of success.
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