Cortex City is an open community, focusing on the corporate world. Our citizens come from all industries and geographies, bringing a great range of diversity and unique experiences to our society.

We encourage visitors who enjoy our city to become citizens. It’s completely free and gives you access to many of the city services and offers that are not available to visitors.

When you’re ready, sign up here. For more information about Cortex City, read about the city here, and get personal with The Mayor here.

Furthermore, we welcome everyone to follow us on social media — you’ll find links at the top of this page.

A new and exciting feature in the city is to rent an office. We can even help you migrate an existing site into Cortex City, leveraging our infrastructure, giving access to our community, and offering our extensive services — for free. Or rather, in exchange for some time spent in the city with the rest of us.


This week we migrated a personal blog from Sweden, called Månskensfarmen. If you speak Swedish and are interested in animals, check it out! If you are interested in opening an office in Cortex City for personal or business use, talk to The Mayor.


Finally, a great way to make sure you don’t miss the latest news and great offers is to sign up to our weekly newsletter.

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