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Outfit chosen to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that I am acting on behalf of the infamous Moonshine farmer.

Rummaging around in my old files, I stumbled upon a rather colorful reference to micro management effects on software developers. Serves as a reminder to always seek to empower creative people, not put them on a shorter leash. Also, to write shorter sentences. 

(The context is a short story about the bursting of the dot-com bubble, which at the time I referred to as a “giant financial zit on the face of modern economy”.)


Responsibility was shunned, and the cholesterol-ish sword of lost creativity was buried deep in
the flubbery1 white flesh of middle-aged humanoids with exponentially decaying2 motivation and
unhealthy Internet habits3.Anonymous


  1. You’ll want to watch the movie Flubber (Disney Pictures, 1997) to fully understand this reference.
  2. Motivation(t)=Motivation0e-λt (where Motivation0 is the quantity of motivation at time t=0).
  3. Surfing for porn, no doubt.


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