Time to burn!


7 months ago, I opened the gates to a newborn city.

Since then, Cortex City has had more than 6700 visitors, more than 12000 sessions, and more than 25000 page views. There are 92 citizens who have contributed to the 69 articles, more than 100 comments, and 25 pages filled with content. In addition, there are three other sites hosted on the city’s infrastructure, adding a few thousand more posts and comments.

On July 7, we had close to 500 unique visitors in Cortex City, coming to say their goodbyes from the ReadSoft world.

It’s been one hell of an educational ride, including setting up and running the IT systems, security, backups, publishing, writing, marketing, visitor analytics, sweet-talking people into contributing, advertising, coding, understanding copyright topics, promoting the site, photography, video editing, creating soundtracks, using social media to funnel traffic to the city, and more.

I owe a big thank you to everyone who’s been part of the journey so far! Including the many hackers/attackers from Russia, Ukraine, China, several eastern European countries – and to my surprise from Kansas City, US – who have tried to break through the defense systems of the city, step by step teaching me how to track them down, and more importantly how to keep the city running during their futile attempts at breaking in to the city core.

Most of all, I am thankful to all citizens who’ve made active contributions to growing the city.


The superb chairman of the city council, Rowland Archer

But good is not enough

All of the above is good, but not even close to great.

I failed miserably at making Cortex City a living place, where thoughts and ideas would be born, exchanged, challenged, and ultimately exploded into existence. It ended up being run on my energy alone, where the idea was to make it a stream and eventually a river of community creativity.

Therefore, one week from today, the gates will be closed, a torch will be lit, and I will burn the city to the ground. A cleansing, a closure, a chance for rebirth!


And when the flames fade and the smoke clears, all the wonderful lessons from Cortex City will go into the planning and making of Cortex City II.

Perhaps I will meet you there!

Thanks for reading,
Bjorn Karlsson


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