Sunday Breakfast


A few minutes before 7am, Zero the dog and I walk outside to serve breakfast at the Moonshine farm.

There’s a friendly bite of cold in the air, serving as a silent reminder that autumn has arrived. Every breath produces a faint smoke that quickly fades, and a heavy fog softens the green landscape. Still out of sight below the horizon, the sun is slowly rising and illuminates the swirling fog, giving the world a pale shine.

It’s one of those mornings too beautiful to photograph – meant to be saved in memory only.

On the ridge of the stable roof, twenty or so jackdaws sit silently waiting. They know that there will be leftovers for them after everyone else has had their share.

When I open the stable doors to let the ducks out (they choose to sleep in the stable, not wanting to mix with the chickens in their house), the pigs in their pens start “talking” loudly, perhaps trying to tell me their preferences from the breakfast menu.


Although they all know my routine and the order of serving, soon every “citizen” on the farm is calling for attention, hoping to get their food before anyone else. After feeding the ducks, chickens, turkeys, sheep, pigs, and rabbits, I stand still and just watch for a moment.


The initial feeding frenzy soon gives room for a calmer and more deliberate breakfast routine. Standing in the doorway of the stable, I watch them with a smile.


The chickens and the ducks are searching the grass for seeds, while the turkeys are just prancing around. Our pigs keep searching for more food on the ground even when every last piece is gone. It’s a scenery that draws stress and worry out of your system, replacing it with calm and quiet joy.


What a blessing it is to experience mornings like this one. Everyone on the farm is accounted for and have been given food, water, and clean straw. Well, except for the people…but now it’s time to get back inside, where the smell of fresh coffee completes the start of a great day.

Life is good on the Moonshine farm!

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

The Mayor and Cayo

Note that this picture was not taken in the morning…

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  1. Niklas Stenström says:

    What great morning routine! You shared it and made me part of it. Thanks!

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