It’s easy to think that getting your hunter’s license is about learning to hunt, but it’s not.Anonymous hunter

After talking about it for twenty years or so, I finally decided to get my hunter’s license this summer.

There are different ways to get ready for it; ranging from six months of once-a-week training to intensive courses over a long weekend. Of course, I opted for the latter; patience is not one of my virtues. Getting ready for it requires lots of reading to pass the theoretical exam, and the days on site are packed with practical training.

I can heartily recommend an intensive course — it’s fast, focused, and will imprint the most important practical aspects you’ll need.

But how do you select whom to train for? My search included three main criteria:

  • Must be an instructor with a solid track record of shooting and hunting
  • Course needs to come recommended by people who’ve participated
  • Should be in a location that is interesting and inspiring

My web research showed a clear winner in Carl-Fredrik Alwén at GodsJakt. Meeting the main criteria, at least in theory, and so I booked a course in August.

After successfully taking the theoretical and practical exams, I asked for an interview with myself…here goes.


How would you describe the instructor?

Calle Alwén is a narcissistic, larger than life (especially in his own opinion :-)) competitive shooter and hunter. I’m quite sure there are few — if any — courses like his in the world. He’ll make politically incorrect jokes, talk at length about things that have nothing to do with hunting, and, in my case, pick on me in front of the group (which I thought was quite funny – I have attitude enough to deserve it).

He’ll also make sure that everyone, regardless of their attitude and skill, learns how to shoot better than needed to pass the practical exam


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What was best about the course?

I find the priorities taught by Calle to be absolutely correct. First of all comes safety. Then shooting, and finally hunting. It’s easy to think that getting your hunter’s license is about hunting, but it’s not. It’s about responsibly and safely being able to handle weapons and shoot well. It’s also about knowing when not to shoot. Hunting can only happen after those skills are in place.

Do you recommend others to train with Calle Alwén?

I most certainly do. It’s more than a learning experience, it’s a great change of scenery that will leave you energized and full of new knowledge. You will learn how to shoot from one of the best instructors in the world, who not only has the personal track record to prove he knows stuff — he’s also very good at teaching it to others.


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Any final comments?

A few weeks after taking my exam there was a situation where my skills were put to the test. A fox went after our chickens, killing two of them. The fox was not well, and to save our animals and stop the fox’s suffering from the disease, I had to shoot it. The gun handling was safe, my aim was fast and steady, and the one shot instantly killed. Not at all a regular hunt, but a tough situation that required swift action.

The training I received from Calle clearly worked well also in the real world.


To learn more about getting your hunter’s exam, visit GodsJakt.se. I recommend it to anyone interested in doing something different, regardless if you are interested in hunting or not. It’s a great experience!

Björn “The Mayor” Karlsson



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