Do the Right Thing


When drowning in the currents of never-ending one-liners on good leadership and corporate citizenship (including those in my slowly progressing book project), I find myself hanging on to the most compelling mantra I know. Which, curiously and recursively, also happens to be a one-liner on good leadership and corporate citizenship… 🙂

Do the Right Thing.

A simple statement, a firm promise, and a way of doing business that has never failed me.

Whenever in doubt, when your resolve is put to the test, or when personal integrity is challenged – it serves as a validation tool and mental catalyst that will always help. What is the Right Thing to do? If you don’t know, figure it out, quickly. And then do it.

For me, that simple sentence extends into myriads of supporting structures on how to do good business, lead a company, and strive for continuous incremental improvement.

It has provided solid guidance on making many tough decisions. The hiring and firing of people, saying no thanks to lucrative offers in conflict with my core values, and accepting hard challenges that in the end were proven both necessary and rewarding.

Don’t compromise or second-guess your internal compass; it shows the right way forward. Understand that sometimes you must accept risk and make uncomfortable choices. In the end, it boils down to that simple but powerful call for action. Do the Right Thing.

Thank you for reading,
Bjorn Karlsson


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