Back to life

Fellow Cortexians, loyal companions, future game changers,

I trust all is well. Summer in the Northern hemisphere has been quiet in Cortex City; it’s the silence between heartbeats.



Yours truly have been mentally refocusing for the new and exciting challenges that await in MilDef. Many of our citizens have also been preparing for change — lots of job moves and other major activities have rightfully taken precedence over Cortex City participation. We’re still in that transition phase, but will start to pick up where we left off with plans and progress for our city.


Cortex City update

To that end, here’s a short status update on where we stand:

  • App development (most notably FairShare) has been put on ice for the time being. Our team needs some more time to get ready.
  • Cortex City development (the bar where people can hang out, context-aware content, new look and feel, service status, and more) is waiting for the autumn with rain and darkness to drive the Mayor inside…
  • A new interview series is in the works, with some luminaries from the software world lining up to share their thoughts and insights.
  • Summer has seen “reasonable amounts” of consulting
    • Traditional IT support
    • Web hosting services
    • Software development, Capture expertise
    • Corporate strategy.
    • (All done either pro bono or with an agreement to exchange services in the future — I find it very refreshing to refuse to make Cortex City a financially oriented business, especially since our citizens have expressed that’s not a driver for them.)

The next steps will revolve around making Cortex City more valuable to its citizens. I want it to be a place where our thoughts are openly and freely shared, and a safe haven for reflections, insights, or just spending time with friends.

Personal update

So what has the Mayor done instead of writing his book (still in progress, but slower than planned), evolving Cortex, or cajoling people to contribute to the city?

To a large extent, I’ve put the farmer hat on – building things, working on the Moonshine farm, slaughtering and butchering, and other hands-on and down-to-earth activities. We’re now in quite good shape for the next cycle of things to start, with lots of work, travel, and fun!

Last but not least, I have evaluated, reflected, and sharpened tools for making the most of life. Today marks the deployment of Bjorn 4.17, a maintenance release that promises to change the world. As all releases should do. 🙂


Here’s what every new “personal version” should look like. Small, innocent, and with unlimited potential.


Cortexians, wherever you are and whatever you do…believe in your own greatness, always stay humble, and go change the world.


Be careful out there,

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson





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  1. Dan Lundmark says:

    Summer should take time. Recharge and be back for great things.

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