Goodbye ReadSoft


As you may know, I resigned from Lexmark (who acquired ReadSoft) some time ago, and my employment ends this month. I’m joining a great company called MilDef.

Some weeks ago, there was a summer party in the Kista office, where we thanked Lars Appelstål for everything he’s done for ReadSoft. When I prepared for the long drive to Stockholm, I decided to create a short video — a tribute if you will — to the company and people that have shaped me as a professional.

It’s not much, but when producing the video I was totally overwhelmed by the hundreds, if not thousands, of memories that we share together.


The great looking hat was given to me by some awesome colleagues who threw a surprise party for me.

Luckily for you, I’ve recorded a new soundtrack for the movie and replaced the original sound of me singing along to heavy metal songs from the nineties…

Thank you to everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with during these great years. 

Enjoy the video!

I sincerely hope our paths will cross once again,

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson, formerly known as ReadSoft’s C(3)PO.


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11 comments on “Goodbye ReadSoft
  1. Carolina says:

    Bye mad Scientist!

  2. James says:

    Grymt bra video Björn.
    får man fråga vad låten heter ?

    hoppas vi ses igen

  3. Simon Marshall says:

    Great video Bjorn good luck in your new venture if you are half as successful as you were at ReadSoft then you’ll do well.

    It was a pleasure working with you and really great knowing you as a colleague.

    Keep well.


    • Bjorn Bjorn says:

      Thank you, my friend. It was a pleasure working with you, and I’m hoping we might once again.

    • Adam Chapman says:

      Blimey Simon, I wondered where you had disappeared to! Another one of the ReadSoft diaspora appears on CortexSof…. erm I mean Cortex City 🙂

  4. IqJa IqJa says:

    All the best Mayor, you will be missed 🙂

  5. Eileen says:

    Well, that was pretty darn cool! Fun to watch – nice job!
    Thank you, Björn, for everything! See you around!

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