The Mayor returns to the corporate world


The secret is out.

Effective September 1st, I take over as managing director in MilDef AB. Read the press release here.

MilDef develops computers and electronics for use in demanding environments, where durability and functionality are of decisive importance. Our customers are mainly based in the defense sector.


There are three main criteria that has guided me in my search for the right company to work for:

  1. A company with solid ethics and a corporate culture that values employees, partners, and customers, above everything else. (As you may know, I believe that sustainable profit and growth is the result of great people doing great things, and that requires outstanding corporate culture.)
  2. A product company that can really make a positive difference for our customers; where what we do have great impact and importance.
  3. A dream and plans for something bigger, where I can make a strong contribution on an adventurous journey towards the future. 

I was more than a little surprised to find these three criteria fulfilled by a company less than twenty minutes away from my home.


During my meetings with MilDef’s current CEO (who will continue to run the group) and the COO, I first became interested, then intrigued, and finally totally hooked on the idea of joining this great team of people. The company is very well managed today, and has fantastic potential for the future.

I very much look forward to becoming part of the hardware industry, because what we do is so closely connected to the software industry. It’s where those worlds meet that real magic often happens, and while I stand humble before the challenge of doing something quite new, there is also a strong feeling of coming home and connecting dots that were previously separated.

My experience from the software industry combined with my interest for IT hardware and demanding environments will certainly come to good use here.


For citizens of Cortex City who fear that this means the end for our small community, rest assured that your Mayor will stick around. Hopefully we will get new insights and input from new citizens who bring us even more diversity!

Curious to find out more?

I have learned that there are some very competent people out there who are interested in once again working with me. It would be absolutely great to see some of you apply for jobs or simply register in the candidate pool!


Check out the MilDef website and products, reflect on how important it is with rugged and durable computers/electronics in the environments and circumstances they are used, and I think you’ll agree that I’ve found a great setting for an amazing journey.

I am joining a team of very committed and competent people, which is something I’ve been blessed with before and truly appreciate. That’s what makes going to work fun and rewarding.

Many of you have asked about my future plans for a long time. Now you know!


Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson


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2 comments on “The Mayor returns to the corporate world
  1. Dan Lundmark says:

    Well done Björn!! Love your ethics and job seeking creterias. 🙂

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