Summer in Cortex City


The cap was given to me by colleagues who has turned into friends over the years. (And yes, the beard is gone.)

Citizens of Cortex City,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome summer to the northern hemisphere. For that reason, and a few other, life in the city is slow.

We have a great backlog of stories, interviews (with some of the greatest minds in the world), apps, and more coming up. But those things need to wait until we’ve taken some time to reflect, feel good about life, and charged our batteries for a great new season.


There’s much I need to tell you. Surprise parties on the Moonshine farm, mysterious trips to undisclosed places, and the next adventure in the professional world for the Mayor. (Yes indeed, he’s finally managed to decide on the future. Stay tuned, for it is still a semi-secret. No, it’s probably not what you had guessed.)


Sometimes you need to spread your wings and just trust in your abilities to fly. I’ve done that my whole life. Yes, sometimes I fall flat on my face. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

But right now, I need to do my 12-14 hours of work on the Moonshine farm, entertain good friends and family, work some (my services seem to be in high demand these days), and somewhere in the chaos that is me spend some quality time in the sun. Life is good!



If you are in the south of Sweden, or just want to talk to me, there is always time. There’s a barbecue about to happen just about every night, so don’t hesitate to stop by the Moonshine farm and feel the winds of the past gently brushing your cheek. Combine that with the gravitational forces of the future, and you’ll not leave here without some new ideas and extra energy!


Those eyes seem to hold a big secret. I think the secret is that his tiny brain is not sophisticated enough to remember secrets.

The mayor, his family, and all the animals here at the Moonshine farm (just outside Cortex City), wish you an absolutely amazing summer.


Thinking about…things.

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson



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8 comments on “Summer in Cortex City
  1. Andrew Pery says:

    I suspect that you will pursue something extraordinary, I have always perceived of you as an out-of-the-box thinker, challenging the conventional wisdom, pushing the boundaries. I would expect nothing else from you. In the meantime, enjoy the respite, re-energize and the then tale the world by storm.

  2. Rowland says:

    Ah, hot time, summer in the City! The City Council awaits the news… and meanwhile, we water the flowers, harvest the tomatoes (yes, they are ripening already!), and plan the future… even if our event horizon only extends to the next BBQ!

    • Bjorn Bjorn says:

      …listening to some great music, no doubt! 🙂 Soon, very soon, it will be known. Is it what people expected? Of course not, that’s not how I operate. 🙂

  3. IqJa IqJa says:

    Who can resist BBQ ! Can’t wait to hear about Mayor’s next professional adventure, how nice it would have been, if it would be same as I thought 🙂

  4. Martin says:

    Exciting! My bet is on solo rock artist but I haven’t entirely excluded chicken salesman from possible future Björn-jobs yet.

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