Capture the moment


Do you see the resemblance?

Cortex City is full of people who express themselves in different ways. One of them is through photographs – I know there are several accomplished photographers in our community.

Pictures are great for capturing a little of the magic of a moment and sharing it with others.

A few years ago I took lots of pictures of animals and flowers. For some reason, those are the two things I find most rewarding to take pictures of.

The other day I stumbled upon my old Canon EOS 350D. It’s well outdated, of course, but I decided to take it for a spin anyway. So I cleaned the sensor, the lenses, and went out to take some pictures on the Moonshine farm (located just outside of Cortex City).


I’m thinking about upgrading to the Canon EOS 750D


Below you’ll find a few of the pictures. Do you have a picture or two to share? Send the pictures (1024 pixels wide or more, please) to The Mayor, and we’ll post them in the city for everyone to see. Write a sentence or two that describes the picture, and we’ll show it to the world!

Tip: Click one of the images and you’ll go into browsing mode where it’s easy to go back and forth.

Since Cortex City is so close to the Moonshine farm, citizens are more than welcome to stop by for a visit. The Mayor always finds time for friends.



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One comment on “Capture the moment
  1. IqJa IqJa says:

    Beautiful pictures, I think few citizens will visit you soon. Who can resist the beauty !

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