An ordinary day


Is it the biggest rooster in Cortex City? Could be. It lives on the Moonshine farm together with the Mayor and countless other creatures.

What’s going on in Cortex City on a day like this?

The answer is – it depends.

Being a virtual city, or at least non-geographic, it’s our citizens’ lives that define what happen on these streets on any given day. Most of the time, we have no idea what the other citizens are up to. But every now and then, people share. Articles, comments, interviews, code, or a picture. That’s when things happen!

Every time you share and engage, our newborn community is energized and grows a little. It feeds on people who think about it. Very much like the Gods need believers to do their work1, so does a community need energy and mindshare from its members to fulfill its purpose.


Cats are known for believing in very few things except sleep. This one goes by the name Poker, which is probably why his face reveals nothing.

So what is the purpose of Cortex City?

That’s up for us to decide, but in my view it’s three primary things:

  • Colonize the universe. We cannot stay on this small planet forever; even if we don’t destroy it (which we will), the tiny light bulb we call the Sun cannot glow forever.
  • Have fun. There is nothing more important for a community that wants to do good, because fun is the best source of positive energy. And positive energy is what we need to have in order to colonize the universe. (Or, if that fails, to have a good time.)
  • Help others.  When you help someone else, you do a good deed and grow at the same time. And personal growth is what we seek here (continuously and incrementally).

So even when we do small things here in Cortex City, they are part of a bigger picture. And they matter.


One of the city’s ducks takes a sip of water. Clean, healthy water. Because the city is still pure from pollution. We keep it clean!

Danger is always lurking

At the time of this writing, we are 88 citizens. (When you read this, we are 681 citizens2. If the latter number is the same or even lower than the former – go out and recruit new citizens!)

We need critical mass, we need growth, and we need citizen contributions. And the city needs to provide infrastructure and services that make that happen. Without it, we will not survive. The city will be forgotten, and slowly fade away.

I intend to do my part here by pushing forward with the city plans, and also by being there to help our citizens when you want me to. Just ask!


Here are the top three actions our citizens do that helps the city:

3. Writing articles. Adam Chapman, Imre Lukacs, and Benny Pettersson have done that, and I hope that more people will. Share what you think is important, or fun, or just what’s on your mind.

2. Getting interviewed and starred as a featured citizen is also great. It gives the community and other readers a chance to get to know you, and it gives you a chance to get known. Can it get better than that?

We’ve already had 9 citizens tell a little bit about who they are, giving their touch to the city: Jon Jarnsäter, Iqra Javed, Marcus Jansson, Joakim Kedbrant, Adam Chapman, Ling Koay, Imre Lukacs, Christian Jacobsen, and Rowland Archer.

 1. If you enjoy the city, spend some time here. It doesn’t take more than that! 🙂


An ordinary day

Today I spent 30 minutes to shoot the pictures for this article, and had the luxury to find all of them right here on the Moonshine farm.

On the days when I realize that living like we do is crazy, the 50-100 (depending on the season) animals who also live here remind me that they keep anything that might resemble ordinary far away from here. I’m very thankful for that! The same should be true for Cortex City – let’s keep the ordinary at bay. Always aim for extraordinary.

Well, another extraordinary day is coming to an end at the Moonshine farm. It’s about time to make some dinner and enjoy a glass of good wine.

Cortex City citizens across the world – thank for you making this place real!


The strangely bearded Mayor of Cortex City, who foolishly believes he looks like…well, who does he look like?

Next steps

I want some functionality that makes this feel more like a real city. A bar where we can grab a beer and chat, for example. When there’s enough energy, it would also be really good fun to get the FairShare app going. (We have a team standing by, but need to build up time and energy to get going.)

What do you want?

Thank you for reading,
Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson


1. I mean no disrespect to any religion, or atheists for that matter, when making this statement.
2. Cortex City is getting very dynamic. It has an API that can be used for getting real-time or near-time data from itself. Very useful, and a subject for a future article on the disruptive potential in a web that is dynamic and aware.


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