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A lot of people tend to measure success mainly in financial terms. For a city, the key metrics are quite different. But money is important in Cortex City, mainly because it can help our citizens reach their personal goals.

That’s why you’ll find that most of our existing and future revenue streams are based on business models for revenue- or profit-sharing.

Where many networks and communities are created to make money from its members, we are different. We want to make sure that those who contribute in our community get a fair share of the revenues.

The three top reasons why our citizens want to make money in Cortex City all make good sense to me:

  1. Increased freedom to work more with things they are passionate about
  2. Combining fun projects with some extra cash, fueling other fun projects
  3. It’s a great feeling to get paid for your efforts, especially when they’re done on a freelance/extra work basis

Because we aim for a diverse community, there is not one simple focus for our business.

In fact, one of our key differentiators is that we aim for breadth before depth. We value multitude over singularity. And we believe that there are synergies to gain from operating in multiple domains that can lead to more sustainable positive effects than the traditional “narrowing the scope, becoming more focused”.

We try to think differently.

Enough philosophy, back to making money. We are lining up a number of potential revenue streams for our community, and have already initiated one of them.


Here are the top three revenue streams that we’re currently working with or planning for. A fourth stream is in non-disclosure mode. After that, we have a list of ten additional revenue streams to activate when we reach critical mass. Are we crazy to do so many things? One can only hope. It should be noted that we have discarded our previous revenue stream from ads, because we felt that it distracted our users while providing very little value. As usual, we go against the stream.

Context-aware ad programs

As you have probably noticed, we are showing ads in Cortex City. Those ads come from different partnerships we have with ad providers/brokers. The usual revenue model is that we get paid when someone clicks on an ad they find interesting, and sometimes there’s a small revenue stream just from showing the ads.

The business model for Cortex City works with a revenue-share. Citizens who locate their blogs, corporate web sites, or online stores in Cortex City, receive 50% of the ad revenues we get from their site. We have gone far beyond free hosting and into sharing revenue territory. A word of caution here – anyone who thinks that they can start clicking on ads on their own sites and get paid — you can’t. That is strictly forbidden and will lead to banning of accounts.

It’s a fair trade. Cortex City takes care of all the infrastructure and cost of hosting, and the citizens take care of the content. We get equal part of the ad revenue.

Our ad program is already in place, and people are already starting to make money from the content they provide. To learn more, contact The Mayor.

Online services and mobile apps

We have very clever and innovative citizens. They come up with great ideas for new online services that can be delivered over the web and on mobile. When enough people feel that an idea is worth pursuing, we build it.

The result should be a self-service application that is either free for use, that can be licensed, or that can be subscribed to.

There is no “one size fits all” business model for this revenue stream, they are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Usually there is a profit split between the city, the inventor, the team that creates, and the team that maintains.



The FairShare app is a good example. Recently pitched by a citizen, it now has a team that are getting ready to build and deploy it. Revenue streams are still undecided, but free for use with advertising is the most likely model.

Customized corporate solutions

We provide a combination of IT/software consulting with reselling of online services such as Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, and other components for corporate web sites, email, CMS, CRM, and more.

What we aim to deliver is always a tailor-made online presence that our customers can then operate without our help. We want to enable them to do more business, not make ourselves indispensable.

With our freelance consultants bringing in competence from different domains, there are few challenges that we are not able to tackle with confidence. Depending on the gig, we split the profit in a fair way related to individual contribution.

This revenue stream is starting up as we speak, with the first business already coming in. Talk to The Mayor if you’re interested in joining our pool of freelance resources.

google-apps office-365

What we really want is for companies to join Cortex City when making use of our services. That way we can provide unique values from the city, work with novel revenue-sharing models, and make sure that our customers always work with our disruptive cloud platform.

Hired guns for product development

Not everyone who comes up with a great idea for a cloud service or mobile app is able to make it happen on their own. Sometimes, you need some extra muscle. We are pumped and ready.

In our network we have seasoned veterans as well as rookies with extreme energy. They can be mixed and matched to become formidable agile teams, delivering top quality, quickly. No, it doesn’t come cheap. Our profits are split among the teams.

There are outsourcing, off-shoring, and near-sourcing alternatives for those who want to create their own balance of speed, quality, and cost. We don’t work with poor quality. We only work fast. And therefore our services come at a premium price. It’s well worth it.

If you are interested in getting access to absolutely legendary engineers, give us a call and we’ll talk about it.


So, dear guest or citizen. If you are interested in “philanthropy with a twist”, which is doing good for altruistic reasons and being paid at the same time, we have some options for you. And if you want to go out there on your own, we’ll be happy to support you with mentoring, tips and tricks, and of course cheering you on towards your inevitable success.

Talk to us about making or spending money!


To conclude, let’s get back to the topic of this article, making money. There are many ways you can add or change your revenue streams. We’re happy to assist if you have such ambitions, either by joining our community and contributing, or just by us giving you some pointers and help along the way.

Thank you for reading,
Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson


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