It’s time to get even


Sometimes you need to think long and hard before making a decision. Sometimes you need to perform market analysis, competitive mapping, project planning, and due diligence. And sometimes you just need to get going.

Cortex City received a Dragon’s Den pitch for an app called FairShare two days ago. We posted it on our blog the same day, asking for feedback. We called, and you answered.

Positive feedback from future users, limited and not-so-scary competition, and a solid stream of citizens volunteering to join the dev team. (Note: For us, a dev team means a complete autonomous super-team that can do everything from product management, marketing, sales, development, testing, documentation, operations, support, and delivery.)

Today, we launch a subsite in Cortex City for FairShare.
Today, we officially say “yes, we’ll build it“.


To be perfectly honest, The Mayor (yes, he often speaks of himself in third person) is not at all sure if the city is ready. He considers this first building project to be like base camp training; now it’s up to our young citizens to prove that they mean business in Cortex City. He’s quite nervous.

Collaboration, distributed work, freelancing, and volunteering, are cornerstones in any open source initiative. Will we be able to create an environment where those things come easy? Let’s find out.


We’ll follow the progress of FairShare here in Cortex City, and of course on the new site, where we’ll also soon launch the service.

Visit FairShare now

Oh, one last thing. You can help make FairShare a success. Start talking about it. Comment. Give feedback. Volunteer for the project (as a user, if nothing else!). Sign up for the newsletter. Become a citizen in Cortex City. Be a little crazy, and join us on this little adventure!

Thank you for reading,

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

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