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We have received a new app pitch to Dragon’s Den in Cortex City. It’s submitted by Kristin Widjer, one of our creative citizens. In case you don’t know how we work with Dragon’s Den, here’s a quick introduction.


The process

  • Someone comes up with a great idea for a product/application/solution, but cannot realize it on their own.
  • To get some help, they submit it to Dragon’s Den in Cortex City for evaluation.
  • If enough citizens like the idea and are willing to help build it, we do it.
  • The normal case is that we do it for free and we give it away for free when citizens come up with ideas. We are philanthropists (or know secret ways to monetize free stuff).

The easiest way to submit an idea is to get in touch with The Mayor, who will make sure that it gets on the agenda for the city council.


One of the dreaded dragons

The idea

A mobile app that automates splitting the tab for a girls night out, a golf trip, or something else that usually requires scratching of heads, long Excel calculations, pen, paper, and sometimes heated debates on who was eating this or that, drinking here or there, and going in that taxi or that bus.

The problem should be well known to almost everyone. And we have a great reference case to share with you to show how complicated things get, quickly.

Kristin-Widjer foto

The inventor


Four friends in Berlin

Picture four long-time friends, going on a weekend trip to Berlin. Three drive together to and from the airport, one takes the train. They eat some of their meals together and some separately. They drink (too much, I presume) fancy drinks together, and sometimes on their own. They give each other money in a preemptive attempt at getting even, or just getting rid of a €50 bill. They mix and match currencies depending on what happens to be available. It’s more than enough to make an accountant feel sick.

Going back after a superb weekend packed with singing, eating, dancing, drinking, and shopping, they are faced with the challenge of sorting out the financials. As any group of friends would do, they give the task of calculating who owes how much and to whom to the most orderly of the four. (Oftentimes, there is no orderly friend to give this task. But hey, everything’s relative.)


Needless to say, it’s a daunting task to get the numbers right. Basically, you need a degree in economics, mathematics, and last but not least be trained in forensic science — because there’s no way that everyone will have accurately recorded all transactions.

Do you recognize the situation or do you think I’m exaggerating? Allow me to present exhibit A and B to the jury. It’s supposedly the simplified calculation belonging to the four friends. Real-world evidence, if you will.


Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Case closed?

No further questions, your honor. It’s clear that getting a fair share, something friends care deeply about, is really hard work. And it shouldn’t be. I found this telling quote in one of the emails leading up to the splitting of costs for the Berlin trip:

Maria should pay Kristin 575 SEK (in part because I gave Majsan €50, which perhaps wasn’t completely in line with the current debt.Karin


With the FairShare app, everything becomes easy. You create an event, and then invite your friends who immediately get a notification. Now everyone can add their bills and financial transactions from their phones, including who participated, images of receipts, and whatever else is deemed important. Everyone can see the progress and current financial splits at any given time. When the event is over, you agree to the list of transactions, and the FairShare app tells you who should be paying whom, and how much. It’s a lifesaver!

FairShare will save you time, reduce headache, increase the chances of everyone getting their fair share, and will virtually eliminate financial friction between good friends.


It’s time to act!

Now, dear citizens of Cortex City, the ball is in your court. If we are to build this app, we need to configure a team to do the work. The ideal setup is 5-7 people to form an agile dev team. Post your comments below, and get in touch with The Mayor to volunteer.

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12 comments on “Dragon’s Den – FairShare
  1. Stefan Stefan says:

    There is a simple solution to this otherwise completely unsolvable project – get one really rich and generous friend, skip the others…;-)

    Post Scriptum
    (coding this app isn’t simply doable I have heard, maybe for BBOS and WinPhone but definitely not for IOS and Android… Main reason I have heard is that he CortexCity organization in GitHub is locked… To circumvent that I took the liberty of creating the FairShareApp org and a master repo under this org. I have of course set the owner to the Mayor – controlling the app’s lifecycle and the in the name of the Mayor, Cortex City and the holiness of open source SW it is licensed under GNU GPL v2 (to make any legal claims void in the name of the idea originator…;-) – you can find it here: https://github.com/FairShareApp/master – but do remember – everything is impossible)

    • Bjorn Bjorn says:

      Excellent energy, Stefan. A couple of notes:
      * Let’s use the CortexCity GitHub organization instead, that’s what it’s intended for. When we have a team, I’ll make sure everyone’s invited.
      * We have a legal counsel that helps with licenses. GPL2 or GPL3 are likely candidates.
      * Go ahead and volunteeer for the project, and let’s hear what you’d like to add to the project! We have people signing up with testing skills, development skills, architectural skills, product management skills, and we need more competencies!

      Thank you for showing such drive!

      • Imre says:

        Awsome idea, do you need a product manager?
        Why not simplify the process and create a better User Experience by do it the other way around? Instead paying for bills individually, and doing the individual calculations for reimbursing after the trip do it the following way:

        1.Create a budget for the trip/event/girls night out
        2. Set up virtual Swish account/or a contextual temporary credit card CTCC(didn’t find anything similar out there, so we would need to create something from scratch :))
        3. Solidarity transfer to CTCC
        4. Use CTCC during trip/event/girls night out
        5. Close trip and equally distribute remaining funds

        Project would be a bit more complex since we need to develop the concept of CTCC, but way more scalable than just the girls night out… Or maybe just a different project?

  2. Marcus Jansson Marcus Jansson says:

    Perhaps try connect it to services like Swish. I read that 2 million Swedes use it now.

  3. IqJa IqJa says:

    You know what I am good at. So, in case you want someone to test (rip apart) app after developers have written some code then I am ready for it 🙂

  4. mikael svalander says:

    What a great idea! I would buy/use this app for sure!

    • Bjorn Bjorn says:

      Glad to hear it, Mikael! If we go ahead and build it, it’s going to be 100% free of charge.

      • Esam Bdeir Esam Bdeir says:

        I’am not a member in your city Björn until now but we don’t know what happen in the future 😉
        but i would like to join the dev team 🙂
        it’s a good idea and i like mobile apps hehe

        • Bjorn Bjorn says:

          Good news! I’ll make you a deal, Esam – Join the city (always will be free), and I’ll let you in the magnificent dev team. Actually, I’ll let you in either way – we need you.

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