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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Iqra Javed to Cortex City!

Looking back to the first time I met Iqra, it’s amazing to see the tremendous professional journey she has undertaken since then. Going from a rather shy and quiet test engineer to a very strong and outspoken test leader who takes great pride in her work, and who will always go the extra mile to make sure that quality standards are high.

With a solid experience in managing software deployment in cloud environments, Iqra will add great value to any modern software team. We’re very happy to have her join Cortex City, and we sent a few questions her way so all of our citizens and visitors can learn more about who she is.


Who is Iqra, professionally?

A crazy and clumsy girl who strives for perfection. After working with me for a while, people start saying I am very demanding, but in reality I keep on working on stuff until it looks perfect.  So that explains why I am not afraid to work on something over and again. I am good at cracking jokes to keep up the mood of boring developers *cough cough*

What do you do when not working?

It varies depending on the weather and my mood. I like to go for hikes and long walks when the weather is nice. When I want to sit inside I am usually reading. I am currently reading “The opposite of loneliness” by Marina Keegan.  Off course, during the cricket world cup season, I’m watching cricket games. I know the Mayor would have hard time understanding cricket.

[Editor’s note: The Mayor concurs. Any game that goes on for days and includes silly clothes is interesting but well beyond his comprehension.]

Like bowling, but with people instead of pins? Cricket is definitely a strange game.

Do you have any unexpected hobbies or interests?

Lately, I have developed quite an interest in politics for absolutely no particular reason. I am spending quite a bit of time watching political talk shows. I find it pretty interesting to see how super powers of the world can basically do anything they want. Or, maybe I am wrong. I have an immature understanding of such stuff.

How do you know the Mayor?

Actually, it’s a bit funny. The Mayor was going to interview me for a job position. I could not pronounce his name very well so I thought I could check the pronunciation on Google. I put his name on Google and I was pretty confused seeing the images on front page. Well, you have to check it yourself now to find out more [editor’s note: Googled it, didn’t see anything strange. Must have been a weird search…].



I haven’t directly worked with him, but the energy level and positivity he finds in every situation inspires me a lot. You never know, after learning from him, one day I could be Mayor of the city myself, haha.

What brings you to Cortex City?

The Mayor promised he would buy me a house in this city. Well, maybe not.  I won’t say I know the Mayor so well but as much as I do, I know he is going to have some really cool stuff in this city. I just have this feeling that he is building all this and then there is gonna be some blast which will show us another side of the Mayor. I am waiting for that moment. Oh, I live for such moments. Maybe I am totally wrong, but I will keep checking this place for it.

[Editor’s note: The Mayor promises a blast the size of the big bang. Or at least the small bang, which is not nearly as famous.]

What can citizens expect from you?

Shopping tips for citizens and if the Mayor wants to decorate his city, I can help with that too (but with his money).

What do you expect from the city and our citizens?

I expect to have some productive stuff that can help all of us in our daily life somehow, or other things which bring all of us back to this platform over and again.

I’ve heard rumors that you’re one of the most bossy test engineers in the industry, any comments on that?

Haha, I would say, what’s being a test engineer if you can’t boss developers around. I would put it in other words and say that I have a niche for quality in everything. The quality standard is always set in my mind, and I and my developers have to help achieve that. I can’t just release stuff which is good enough; it has to be Iqra-approved. Okay, now it’s being a bit bossy, but at the end of the day, all of us are happy, so all is well. 🙂


Iqra wrestling a crocodile. Quite similar to the way she pushes developers around.

What are your three favorite movies of all time?

Hmm that’s a tough one, but I really liked Million Dollar Baby, V for Vendetta and Rush. I have watched them quite a number of times.


Do you have any special future goals that you’d like to share with us?

Since you didn’t mention if it is work related or personal, I will share my personal goal. Last summer, I walked 42k in a day, which I called a marathon walk. This summer I am planning to walk twice that distance just to test my endurance. Let’s see how it goes! *fingers crossed*

Iqra, yhank you for sharing, and again — we’re delighted to have you join the city. There are big challenges ahead, not least when it comes to securing the quality of our city as it grows (in case it’s not clear to everyone, Cortex City is not built as a web site, it’s a fast-growing cloud platform). Everyone, join me in welcoming Iqra to Cortex City!

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

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