Happy Birthday to a Great Citizen!

Today we celebrate the thirty-something birthday of Adam Chapman, one of the most prominent and productive citizens in Cortex City. He sends his best wishes to all citizens from sunny Spain, where he’s currently on a business trip. We managed to get our hands on a few pictures from Adam’s past, see below and try to spot him (it’s not that hard).


I know that Adam really wanted to be with his fiancee and family today, but every now and then we have to prioritize work and business. It’s part of the money game, and it’s part of who we are in Cortex City. Sometimes you just have to go that extra mile.

Leaving work every day at 6 or 7 pm isn’t going to get you much more than a scowl from your family and still no extra promotion at work.Adam Chapman


So today, we wish Adam an awesome birthday. I know that people here are looking forward to seeing more of his thought-provoking writing. If you missed his last article, Speed for Speed’s Sake, I strongly recommend that you read it.

Feel free to leave a comment and a cheer for Adam in the comments.

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson


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One comment on “Happy Birthday to a Great Citizen!
  1. Jeanette says:

    I hope you had a great birthday! Looking forward to see more of your writing! 🙂

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