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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Marcus “Mack” Jansson to Cortex City!

Having known Marcus for many years, it’s an honor to be able to introduce you to one of the best offensive developers in the world. And by offensive I mean that he’s an attack player who always goes for the goal with full force. Great to have on your team, because there is simply no problem that he is not willing to tackle. And when the dust settles, that problem will be solved.

Perhaps you refer to the fact that I’m not afraid to use any method available to solve a problem, even if it sometimes might lead to unconventional methods.Marcus Jansson

Our city Librarian sat down with Marcus to have a chat about who he is and what brings him to our growing city.


Librarian: “Marcus, tell us a bit about who you are, from a professional perspective.

Marcus: “Hard working problem solver that is always way too optimistic. If I can help someone solve a problem they have worked with for a long time, that makes my day. Some people that have worked with me for a long time would probably call me a little bit of a prankster, but I think I’m good at hiding it was me so probably few know.

Librarian: “Ok, the prankster stuff is good to know, I’ll keep an eye on you, that’s for sure. So what do you do when not working?

Marcus: “At the moment I spend my time golfing, hiking, running and watching other people play computer games (odd interest maybe but I find it way more entertaining than watching sports. Go Naniwa!)

kings-bounty [Editor’s note: Here’s one of Marcus’ all-time favorite games.]
Librarian: “So how do you know the Mayor, is it from the gaming world or somewhere else?

Marcus: “I think the first time I worked with the Mayor was when we wrote printer drivers for Windows NT. Probably the most odd and must fun thing I did at ReadSoft, mostly I think because the Mayor is so good at making people around him feel that every day at work is fun.

Librarian: “He’ll be very happy to hear those kind words. May I ask what brings you to Cortex City?

Marcus: “The Mayor promised me free food :D. Seriously though, I look forward to see what the Mayor can make out of Cortex City. If there is one thing you can say about him it is that he always go 100% for what he feels passionately about.

Librarian: “The free food sounds just about right, I hear The Mayor cajoles people into joining using any means necessary. So now that you’re here, what can our citizens expect from you?

Marcus: “Perhaps some insights how to think you are a successful developer or some dry humor.

Librarian: “Alright, and what do you expect from the city and our citizens i return?

Marcus: “Hopefully some unique experiences that makes me want to come back for more.

Librarian: “I think that will certainly happen, if just some of the big plans I keep hearing about materialize. On a different note, I’ve heard rumors that you’re a “maverick programmer”, any comments on that?

Marcus: “Haha, perhaps you refer to the fact that I’m not afraid to use any method available to solve a problem, even if it sometimes might lead to unconventional methods.

Librarian: “Good answer! Let’s talk a little bit about your interest for computer games, that you mentioned before. What are your three favorite computer games of all time?
Marcus: “That is a though one. Let’s see…
  • Classic: Nethack (bought this around 1984 and didn’t understand that it was a game until my dad taught me how to play it months later)
  • Played way too much: King’s Bounty (turn-based game where you can take as much time as you want to plan your moves)
  • Starcraft 2: Most entertaining game to watch. If you ever wondered why people loves computer games, this is the video to watch  (yes it is long but worth viewing)” [Editor’s note: We have added the video at the end of the interview.]

Librarian: “Marcus, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with the community. It’s been great talking to you, and I really look forward to seeing more of you in Cortex City. Take it easy with the pranks while in the Library, though!


Mack, it goes without saying that we’re absolutely delighted that you’ve decided to move in here. Everyone, join me in welcoming Marcus to Cortex City!



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