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Not only people can move to Cortex City. With the recent announcement of land lots and a new currency, we can now offer hosting of online corporate offices, stores, and personal blogs.

This week we had our first such move. A blog from 2011 decided to switch from previous hosting and rent a space in Cortex City. We have moved all content, mirrored the look and feel, and provided redirection from the original site. It’s a Swedish blog, so for our international audience it might not make much sense – but we say welcome to Månskensfarmen’s blog. The address is, or simply Seems to contain lots of pictures of dangerous creatures.


Diligent readers will note that I have a personal connection to this blog, but I’d like to point out that’s not so important. The breakthrough here is in the scalability of our infrastructure that makes it possible to accelerate the growth of the city, and the range of services we can provide.

Interested in setting up an office in the city, or starting a blog, or moving an existing site? Talk to the Mayor.

Sense of Direction

I get lots of questions about Cortex City, and many of them are variations on “What is it, really?”. As you know, I don’t want to control the city development too much, because it needs to be shaped by the community. But a pattern is emerging, and when listening to your views and incorporating my vision for what to build, it becomes easier to explain what Cortex City really is. It’s a hybrid network, and to understand what that means, let’s put it in context.


Cortex City draws strength from the other types of networks, connecting them in a new way and adding the community focus. You’ll hear several of our citizens talk about the city as “like a casual LinkedIn, with content and not just connections”. You’ll see blogging, and other content. So it has connections to Blogger,, and so forth. You’ll get chat functions and personal updates, so we’re in some ways similar to Facebook and Twitter. We’ll have stores, auctions, and trading, which connects us to Craigslist,, and eBay.



So, what does this actually mean for Cortex City? Well, it means that we have a lot of work to do…because if you translate what we aim to achieve into actionable items, you’ll get a model that looks like this:


Intimidating? I think not! What a great adventure we have ahead of us. I will need more content providers, marketers, developers, and more, to make this happen. Rumor has it a few world class developers among us are about to get busy building our mobile app!


As you know, Cortex City is partially funded by advertisements. When you find an interesting ad and click on it — we get paid. But we’re also part of affiliation programs, and one great thing is that we can sometimes offer our citizens great deals (good for you) and at the same time get a bounty when you buy (good for the city).

Today, we have a promotion from Audible, which is the world’s largest provider of audio books. Use the link below and get two audio books for free when you try Audible for 30 days (also free).

We’ll keep looking for good deals and discounts and send them your way. Being a citizen in Cortex City should be rewarding!

Next Week

We’re looking forward to some great content coming in next week. If we can get discussions and feedback going like we did with Adam Chapman‘s great article on Speed, that would be great. There’s also work started to update the look and feel of Cortex City, and probably we’ll see the first changes appearing during the week. Want more to happen? Bring your suggestions, content, ideas — and we’ll make it happen.

Talk to you soon,
Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

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