Cortex City Expansion


April 1, 2015

Cortex City ( announces its expansion outside of Earth. By reducing dependence on humanity and the scarce resources on the planet, the city strengthens its position from a universal perspective.

To manage the macroeconomic implications of the expansion, Cortex City also announces the introduction of its own currency, Tics. An initial emission of 1 billion Tics has been made by the Treasury, and an allotment of 1000 Tics will be made to every citizen at midnight today, Cortex time. A comparative evaluation to existing currencies on Earth cannot be made at the time of this press release.

Furthermore, the Cortex City council has approved that 1 million land lots are to be made available for rental or acquisition by citizens. More details regarding the utilization of lots to follow.

I am excited about the bold move we’re making”, says Bjorn Karlsson, Mayor of Cortex City. “Today is actually the official opening day for the city gates, although some brave pioneers have already joined us and helped build the foundation. What better way to mark the dawn of a new era than by proclaiming our Earth independence at the same time? And through the introduction of our own currency in combination with out-of-this-world land lots, we provide unique opportunities for those seeking great extraterrestrial investments.

Where many others aim for a big vision, we’re going far beyond that with Cortex City. Any vision becomes insignificant when you know there’s a much bigger dream out there waiting for you. We’re aiming for the stars”, finishes The Mayor.

About Cortex City

Cortex City is a community for individuals and organizations who seek improvement in everything they do. Focus is on business and the corporate world, but there is no segregating line drawn between professional and personal development. Founded on a solid infrastructure for transactions and interactions, the city aims to rapidly expand its services by accelerated acquisition and retention of citizens.

 For additional information, please contact:

Bjorn Karlsson, The Mayor
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