Featured Citizen – Adam Chapman

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Adam Chapman to Cortex City!

Adam comes to the city packing a solid background in marketing. I am fond of telling people that marketing is easy. (I didn’t tell Adam that during our interview though.) But while marketing is easy, being in marketing isn’t. The biggest issue might is probably that others often think marketing is easy…or the fact that it’s basically a mix of every other discipline imaginable. You need to work seamlessly across science, art, strict process, creativity, and a thousand other domains. Because of this high need for versatility, it’s interesting to look at the background of marketing people. So Adam, what’s your story?

I was born and raised in North London and all the way through my academic life I prepared for a technical role in business.  I can program in COBOL if anyone remembers that language!  By a twist of fate when I was 17 I ended up working as a marketing assistant and for the rest of my career since then I’ve learned, strived and pushed my way through the marketing ladder.  To help relax from all this stress I have 3 allotment pitches that I1 tend to in the warmer months2 as there’s nothing more therapeutic than mixing the high-tech of the office in the week with having your hands in the mud at the weekends.

Editor’s note: The Mayor of Cortex City actually combines being a farmer with working as a CPO for a software company, so there seems to be some strange conspiracy here.

Alright, tell us a bit about your hopes and ambitions for Cortex City; what do you think is important for us going forward?

For me, Cortex City will give an eclectic mix of business direction, advice, off the wall thinking and not turn into some LinkedIn competitor.  There’s not a lot on other sites that can’t be answered by saying “Read Steven Covey’s 7 Habits” so I’m really looking forward to all Citizens contribution to develop new habits, new theories and supporting each other in continual personal and professional growth.

The book Adam is referring to is one of the most popular business books of all time. You can get it from our store.

You’ll probably run into our featured citizen very soon when exploring the city streets — he’s the leader of the pack when it comes to discussing our articles.

Join me in welcoming Adam to Cortex City! I believe he’ll make great contributions to our community.

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

Adam’s footnotes:

1. In the spirit of footnotes in Cortex City, when I say “I” tend to allotment pitches, I actually mean “we” as I must credit my beautiful fiancée for all of his help also.  
2. Not sure what I do in Winter – go to the local country pub and enjoy the real log fires and spend time with good friends and good food I think. It’s a boom-bust yearly cycle of fat-to-fit-to-fat-again.


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