Cortex City News #2

Our universe is expanding

Fellow Cortexians — thank you. With your help we are expanding the city. So far this week we’ve had more than one thousand page views generated by 214 unique visitors from 32 countries. Most people find us through links from other sites; we’re still young enough to be hard to find using search. In case you’re wondering, we do not track individuals in Cortex City, but we collect anonymous usage data from our visitors in order to continuously — and incrementally — improve our services.

We Need You!

It’s very simple. The city needs your help to grow. Share content from the city, talk about Cortex City on social media (use the #cortexcity, #CII, and #corporatecitizen hashtags), and invite your friends and colleagues to join us. Most importantly — think about Cortex. The city lives in our minds.

One of our most popular categories is Featured Citizen, where we introduce our citizens. It’s a great way to show who you are and at the same time support the city. Contact the Mayor and become the next person showcased in our hall of fame.

The first article in the Citizen Contributions series went live earlier this week. We like it a lot, and we want more! Keep ’em coming, we know you’ve got things to say that others would love reading about.

Hot Topics This Week

Here are the most and least visited articles — you’ll want to read our most popular posts because that’s what others are reading and the least visited posts because otherwise they will feel bad about themselves.

  1. Continuous Incremental Improvement continues to top the charts.
  2. Corporate Citizen, landing page for that revolutionary leadership and personal development book, gets a lot of attention.
  3. Infinite Scalability with ALOI, first in the new Citizens Only Series, is brand new and is the least viewed article. Check it out and improve the stats.

Most Popular Services

During their stays in Cortex City, people are finding a newly introduced feature; you can now update your profile image and show your true self in the city. Learn how in our FAQ section.

The undefeated champion in terms of visits and interactions is What’s Next, where citizens get the chance to influence the future of the city by voting.

We’ll keep adding new content every day, so make sure to visit the city frequently. Feel free to forward this newsletter to potential citizens that you want to invite to our great city.

That’s all for Cortex City News #2. People of Cortex City — be careful out there.

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

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