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It is with great pleasure that we welcome Imre Lukacs to Cortex City!

Truth be told, I know few people with such impressive theoretical knowledge about, well, lots of topics. What make things worse is that he also knows how to use these theoretical skills in practice, making him a multi-talented know-it-all1 who is usually right, and can play the piano. It will be interesting to see what Imre expects from Cortex City. Here are his own words to describe who he is, and what we can expect from him here in our fine city.

“I’m stimulated by people who feel that working and living is a form of art. I’m an aspiring artist. My environment often perceives me as an extrovert social person whereas I think of myself as being an introvert thinker. People (some at least) say they are happy in my presence and I feel passionate about communication, conveying an idea and being pedagogical. Sometimes this leads to being thought of as theoretical, but most often it contributes to generating a glimmer in my fellow artist’s eye that I attribute to the Eureka moment of gaining fresh knowledge. As an aspiring artist it is with excitement I join this living canvas in the shape of Cortex City with the hope of being inspired by and inspiring fellow citizens.”

Well then, I should think that Imre will like it here, and be liked. I’ve also heard from a reliable source that he is working on an interesting article for Cortex City that draws power from his main inspiration, Bachelor2.


1. I say this tongue-in-cheek, because Imre is actually a very humble person.
2. And Bachelorette. Yes, the TV shows. No, I don’t know what’s going on here.

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