Cortex City News #1

An explosive beginning

After we opened the city gates last week, things happened fast. 33 new citizens, 11 new posts, our first vote, people starting to comment on posts and grade them, 3 featured citizens broadcast to the world, and 6 tweets about our operations. And now you’re reading our very first newsletter.

We are launching the newsletter earlier than originally planned, because that’s how you voted in What’s Next. It was a close vote with 50% rooting for the mailing list, 43% on the discussion forum, and 7% on the citizen’s badge. There’s already a new vote live, don’t miss your chance to influence!

Here are the top three articles from last week:

  1. Continuous Incremental Improvement, an introduction to a powerful concept
  2. Good Meetings, the first post in our no-nonsense Best practice category
  3. Leap of Faith, part of the mayor’s upcoming book Corporate Citizen.

There’s more coming, so make sure to visit Cortex City every day. Follow us on Twitter, and to really support our ambitions to quickly grow, here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Invite your friends and colleagues to join us in Cortex City.
  • Share content from the city with your social media circles (#cortexcity, #corporatecitizen, and #CII are good tags to use). We provide sharing buttons at the end of all posts to make sharing easy.
  • Write for us! We love contributions from our citizens. Make your voice heard.

That’s all for Cortex City News #1.
People of Cortex City — be careful out there.

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson

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