Featured citizen – Christian Jacobsen


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Christian Jacobsen to Cortex City!

Christian is an exceptionally tall consultant in Stockholm, Sweden, who spends (too) many hours of the day in front of the computer producing software in various shapes and forms. When asked about his obsessive behavior around computers, no doubt made worse by eating too much Danish smørrebrød1, he replied: “My love for computer science is surpassed only by my love for my family who patiently puts up with this sometimes manic interest.” Well said, and we’ll do our best to feed your CS2 disorder here at Cortex!

Continuing the interview, I asked the all-important question: What do you expect from Cortex City, and what can citizens expect from you?

My hope is that Cortex City will be a place where I can meet interesting people and share my entirely unique views on various subjects. Also, I expect a powerful position high up in the Cortex society.

Christian — welcome to our city!

Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson


1. A Danish delicacy, best served at lunch together with a jar (or glass if you’re classy) of spiced moonshine.
1. Half-nerds believe that CS refers to Counter-Strike.  Marketing people believe it’s a reference to Adobe Creative Suite, which incidentally is superseded by Creative Cloud that has the same initials as Cortex City… Coincidence or Conspiracy? Anyway, the full nerd will know that CS stands for Computer Science, and will have no idea what either Counter-Strike or Creative Cloud is.

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