First and foremost, Cortex City is a community for people like you and me; people who seek continuous incremental improvement in everything we do. Although our focus is on business and the corporate world, there is certainly no segregating line drawn between professional and personal development. Those who seek guidance and those who offer it – more often than not the two are combined – will enjoy their stay in Cortex City.

Sometimes the interactions between citizens will result in reusable artifacts such as presentations, guidelines, podcasts, videos, and so forth. Those can be published as part of the city services, and of course also consumed by its citizens. From that perspective Cortex is also a platform for transactions, potentially between all possible permutations of business and consumer. By combining the community and the platform, the city comes to life through its citizens’ synapses of thoughts and ideas.

With powerful streams of best practices, questions, wisdom, comments, and advice flowing through the city, the infrastructure has the potential to redefine itself and bootstrap the very foundation of Cortex. In a sense, the citizens form a neural network1 that is constantly teaching itself new ways to improve. To serve them – you – we are in the process of forming a city council with key officials to guide the city into the future. But before we get too far into that, let me tell you where we are right now.

(Drum roll)

I have found a secure and future-proof location for Cortex City. That land is now claimed and I’ve declared myself the mayor2. To give access to the city we’re providing a gateway right here, at cortexcity.com.

It goes without saying that as the mayor of Cortex City, my door is always open. If there’s something you’d like to discuss, reach out to me.

/Bjorn “The Mayor” Karlsson


1. Quite fitting given the city’s name.
2. Normally such positions are awarded using democratic processes, and this was no exception. I was the only citizen and therefore my single vote also represented absolute power. While that sounds good in theory, the drawback in practice is that I was also alone in implementing all decisions from the arrogant bastard who runs the city.

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